(some details about the Balkan meeting)

-You are not allowed to light a fire or to charcoal cook. You are allowed to bake with gas or electricity
– There is no tavern in the campsite, only a bar. There are taverns outside the campsite.
-Motorhomes with tent will not be extra charged, but owners are kindly requested not to use extensions because, due to many participations, there is space constraint (there is sufficient shading in the area). Please, upon arrival, follow the instructions of the organizers!!
-The price of electricity (after a 50% discount) will be 3 € per day.
– On the day of departure an arrangement has been made so that participants can leave the campsite at any time during the day without extra charge.
-Unfortunately the water is not drinkable. But it is suitable for cooking and washing.
-Inside the campsite there is no supermarket. 30 meters away there is a mini market and 100 meters away there is a supermarket. On the island there are stores of all major supermarket chains.
– There will be no doctor (nor nurse) in the campsite. At a distance of 3 km there is Prinos Health Center.
– Arrivals will be possible from 07.00am until 23.00pm. Similarly, the campsite reception is daily open, from 07.00am until 23.00pm.
Dear friends!
As you have been informed, the registrations to the 11th Balkan Bus Meeting in Thassos, has been closed on 19.06.2022.
The total number of registrations is 262 vehicles, 510 adults and 166 children.
For unregistered vans/people who still want to participate our meeting, the following rules will apply:
  1. They can enter the meeting area with an entrance fee of 10€ per vehicle and participate in the events that will take place, both in the camp area and in the excursions that will take place.
  2. They are entitled to a discount on accommodation prices at camping Prinos.
  3. They are not entitled to a discount on ship fares.
  4. They are not entitled to a participation bag with souvenirs. Any surplus in the souvenir bags will be distributed in order of priority at the price of 10 €.
Only a few days left! Awaiting to meet you all!


Regarding the transportation by ships to Thassos, we inform you that:
Discount coupons will be sent by e-mail to all those who register in time (until June 19, 2022), which you will have to print and fill in the license plate number of your vehicle and the number of passengers, except for the driver who will travel for free.
The number of passengers you will list will be: A + B, where A is the number of adults (excluding the driver) and B is the number of children aged 5-10 (children under 5 travel free). E.g. family with 2 adults and 1 seven-year old child will indicate 1 + 1 for the number of passengers.
The discount coupons will be displayed at the ticket offices, where a list of registered vehicles will have been delivered by us.
The discounts will be valid from 3/7/2022 until 17/7/2022.
All vehicles on the list will be charged as “small cars”.
The discount is valid for one departure and one return (if a one-way ticket is issued, the coupon is kept to be used for the return).
The discount will be valid ONLY for ANETH (ΑΝΕΘ) boats.
The discount will be valid for the ferries from Kavala to Prinos (travel time: 1 hour and 15 minutes) and from Keramoti to Limen of Thassos (travel time: 40 minutes).
The boats do not require a reservation because they have very frequent itineraries every day (12+ itineraries per day from Keramoti- only one from Kavala!). Boarding the ship is done with absolute priority at the time of arrival at the boarding area.
For the departure times of the ships and for the price list click here:…/en/timetables/timetables-en


Dear friends,
We would like to inform you that the registrations for the 11th Balkan Meeting will end up on June 19, 2022. This will be done because after this date preparations have to be made for the supply of the various souvenirs of the meeting, but also for the information of the ships about the number of participants for the issuance of discount coupons for ships.
The campsite is very big and fits all of us! Apart from the owners of VW vans, there is also place for beetles, other brands of camper, even friends with cars with tents!
Register early here:
We are waiting for you all!
Looking forward for our meeting!!
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