Are you ready for the biggest VW bus meeting on the Balkan peninsula ? We are pleased to invite you to #12 Balkan Bus Meeting 7-9 July 2023 in Bulgaria

Hello friends,
Once again we want to thank all of you who were on BBM #12, because you, with your VW Bus love and passion, fill these meetings. With each passing year, we are increasingly glad to see you and the friendships we create is becoming more and more. We are like a big family that does not stop growing.
In 2024, the next meeting #13 hosted our friends from Turkey. The dates are: 5-7 July and the place will be specified later.
We can’t wait to get together again 🙂

VW Bus Club Bulgaria

What is the Balkan Bus Meeting ?

The idea of BBM initialy was born in a Greek tavern when two Turkish friends, Eren and Mecit, passed by Thessaloniki on their way to Germany for an international Syncro meeting. Then Themis spoke to Ivan, who really liked the idea and when he came to the first Bulgarian-Greek VW Bus meeting in Sofia 2010, he took the initiative to named it “Balkan Bus Meeting” and promise to organize the second one in Bulgaria. We decided that, this was a nice idea to organize a Balkan meeting, where we can exchange experiences, skills, information, meet many new people, visit interesting places, get acquainted with other cultures and all that united by our great love and passion for VW vans. After a few months of preparation, through in 2011 the first meeting BBM became a reality in Greece 2011
We liked the meeting so much, that we immediately started organizing the next BBM, which took place in Bulgaria 2012,
There we met Dursun and other friends from Turkey, they hugged the idea and the next hosts were Turkey 2013,
In Turkey, we met Gabi, who with the other friends from “Air Cooled Riders – Romania” on the way back, they decided to stay in Bulgaria for a few days on the beach. After a slight persuasion /with a little help of Bulgarian rakia/ they agreed to host the next meeting in Romania 2014,
At the meeting in Romania, there was a large group of “Buba club – Serbia”, who had heard of the Balkan meeting and came with interest in understanding what it was about. They really liked the meeting and convinced Sasа and Serbian team, that they should host next BBM in Serbia 2015, After turning the wheel, it was time for Greece again Greece 2016, and Bulgaria 2017.
We all knew each other now, became friends and were looking forward to the next meetings.
Turkey 2018, Romania 2019, Serbia 2021, Greece 2022,
Now is the turn of hosts for the third time at this big event for Bulgaria in 7-9 July 2023. We are ready to show you the beautiful Bulgarian nature, hospitality and interesting program again. Welcome !!!










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